Chicago – A Commute-Friendly City With L Train and Biking Options

Anne Ewasko

Experienced in diverse aspects of the Chicago real estate market, Anne Ewasko is a respected Baird & Warner real estate agent. Anne Ewasko has experience assisting families and professionals with moving to the Chicago area and finding exceptional homes. A city of distinct neighborhoods, Chicago offers a winning combination of affordability and cultural activities that makes it a destination of choice.

For many in the city, driving a car on a daily basis is unnecessary, as rush hours can be congested and parking scarce. In impacted neighborhoods, parking permits may be necessary as well. Most commuters rely on the Chicago Transit Authority’s well-connected system of buses and “L” trains, which are elevated above the city. Cycling is an increasingly popular option in the bike-lane-connected metro area, with the bike-sharing enterprise Divvy offering convenient rental stations throughout the city.

For those who do rely on driving, keeping the vehicle stocked with seasonal emergency essentials is a must. During the winter months, snow can pile up and snow brushes and jumper cables are essential. One unique aspect to winter in Chicago is the concept of “dibs,” an unofficial system which allows those who go to the effort of shoveling a public parking space to enjoy the rights to that space as long as it is properly marked and maintained.